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Development Discourse: Growth and Economic Efficiency in India, is an account of collected papers in honour of Prof. R.G. Desai, Professor of Economics, Bangalore University, Bangalore. This volume investigates changing patterns of development across a range of different non-economic disciplines. It focuses on practices and regimes of the past as well as contemporary and emerging forms, covering the Pre-Independence to the present scenario of Indian economy. Though contributors are noted scholars from the field of economics, some are also from rural development, commerce management and related subjects. The papers show how proprietary regimes in Indian economy have changed due to economic development. This book delivers far more than its title suggests, and deserves to be read by all persons irrespective of specific subjects of interest. This volume illustrates the rare combination of concision, comprehensiveness and readability. A must-read book for students, teachers and researchers alike.


Dr. R. Shashi Kumar is an Associate Professor in the Department of Economics, Bangalore University, Bangalore, India. He has made contributions to international monetary economics and agricultural economics by planning and designing policies at the national and international levels. He also contributed several research papers in academic journals, conferences, workshops and seminars. Besides being member of Board of Studies, Board of Examiners and Ph.D. committees for many universities in India, he served e-consultant to the World Bank in finalizing World Development Report 2008 and 2010, for IMF in evaluation of its works, and task force member of FAO in its attempt of reorienting agricultural research to meet the Millennium Development Goals. He is the author of Micro Economics (2004), and co-author of WTO and India: Challenges and Opportunities (2008). Shashi Kumar has written on growth, trade, development, energy, and intellectual property.  At present, he is engaged in research on economic integration, fragility and civil society.


ISBN 978-93-81560-23-5
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