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This section deals with the common queries.

1. What is self publishing?
It is the publishing of books by the authors themselves, and not by the traditional publishing houses. The key distinguishing factor in this concept is the absence of a traditional publisher. Instead, the author(s) perform this role, and though self publishing companies help them in the logistical part but the author pays for all of the costs of his publication and undertakes all of the risk. The books are ‘printed on demand’ i.e. as and when there is a demand; books are made instantly available in no time, thus eliminating all the inventory costs. The author decides the profit he/she desires from the book sale thus even the MRP is decided up to a great extent by the author. Some authors place more importance on getting their work published rather on the profit.

2. What is POD?
POD is an abbreviation for ‘print on demand’. As per this concept, the books are printed as per the demand generated and as per the requirement(s) of the author.

3. Why should I go for POD?
Different Authors may have different reasons to go for POD. These could range from not being accepted by traditional publishing companies to desiring full control of the work-

* Author is lesser known or unknown.
* Topic is of interest only to a small target population; hence the traditional publishers may not find the deal profitable.
* Writing, style, or genre not accepted.
* Author desires complete freedom.
* Author does not agree with editorial changes proposed by the traditional publisher.
* Author wants complete control over the books outcome, database, sales and customers.
* Overall low publishing cost.
* Author prefer to publish content independently.

5. Why should I choose POD?
There are various reasons, like POD has shortest lead time and also, books are printed and delivered as demand comes up, thus there is no tension of unsold stocks and money blocking!

6. Does Self publishing means everything will be printed?
No! Any material that is unlawful, obscene, racial, relating to porn, indecent, threatening, abusive, inflammatory, and is in any way objectionable will not be printed.

7. What is the lead time for printing and delivery of books?
The lead time depends upon the number of copies and size of the book. It can be within a week to about 15 days.

8. How to submit the book?
Please send us the manuscript in form of the word file (without any malicious virus and worms). We will do the initial screening and will revert if the matter is appropriate for publishing. Otherwise the files will be immediately removed from our systems.

9. What are other services available to me?
For an additional cost, we also offer services like
* Professional book cover design
* Content editing
* Typing
* Indexing
* Proofreading
* Illustrations
* Marketing & publicity.
* We also offer ISBN (International Standard Book Numbers) assistance service, which allows a title to be searchable and listed for sale on websites.

10. Do I need an ISBN?
It’s not essential, but is preferable if the book is to be marketed widely over the retail shops throughout the country. We can assist you in getting an ISBN (this service is available at a nominal cost)

11.How should I pay?
You can pay through direct bank to bank transfer or through any other mode as mutually convenient to both of us.

12. What about the copyright?
That’s the best part! You hold the copyright of your book(s). But if the content comes out to be plagiarized or copied, only you are liable for all the consequences (including costs and damages payable to other parties) and not us. Views expressed by author(s) in their content are their individual views and we are in no way responsible for any issues thus arising.

13. Is my content safe with you?
Absolutely! All the content and manuscripts shall be treated with strict confidentiality. Even if things don’t work out and we are not working together, we will delete the digital content of your book from our systems immediately.

* Thus HWP offers a personalized service that is tailor made for the client and his publishing needs!
* Also, the costs are reasonable and not even a penny is charged extra except for the decided amount.
* Moreover, you (author) hold the copyrights for your books not us!!

14. Why should I choose you?
You can mix and match services you like as per your convenience.

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