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Self Publishing

It is the publishing of books by the authors themselves, and not by the traditional publishing houses. The key distinguishing factor in this concept is the absence of a traditional publisher. Instead, the author(s) do this role, and self publishing companies help them in the logistical part but the author pays for all of the costs of publication and undertakes the risk.

The books are ‘printed on demand’ i.e. as and when there is a demand; books are made instantly available in no time, thus eliminating all the inventory costs. The author decides the profit he/she desires from the book sale thus even the MRP is decided up to a great extent by the author. Some authors place more importance on getting their work published rather on the profit aspect.


Different authors may have different reasons to go for POD. These could range from not being accepted by traditional publishing companies to desiring full control of the work-

* Author is lesser known or unknown.
* Topic is only of interest to a small target population; hence the traditional publishers may not find the deal profitable.
* Writing, style, or genre not accepted.
* Author desires complete freedom.
* Author does not agree with editorial changes proposed by the traditional publisher.
* Author wants complete control over the books outcome, database, sales and customers.
* Overall low publishing cost.
* Author prefers to publish content independently.

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