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  Terms and Conditions (Please tick the chekbox below to accept the terms & conditions)

Please read these terms and conditions very carefully before sending the manuscript for publishing. By using the site, you accept the terms and conditions described below, and you warrant and represent that you have the legal capacity to enter into this agreement. The terms and conditions set forth in this document are applicable to all the customers (“authors” or “you”) to ‘www.Hummingwords.in’ website (“site”) and constitute a legal binding. The legal agreement (“agreement”) is between the user and ‘www.Hummingwords in’.

Client : means any person who wishes to get his or anyone else's work published, including the author of the work or his authorized representative.

HWP: means the Humming Words Publishers.

MS : manuscript or the material or work submitted or sent by the client to HWP in any form for the purpose of publishing.

1. The HWP will render the self publishing services to the client, which means the cost of the publishing i.e. the cost of processing the manuscript, binding, distribution, marketing, forwarding and other charges as leviable including the profit of HWP will be borne by the client.

2. The client will send the manuscript to HWP for self publishing services and make advance payment as per the option chosen by the client and/or as mutually agreed by both the parties. The HWP will render self publishing services as opted by the client for getting the manuscript printed. Desired number of copies of the finally published work will be sent by HWP to the client and will be put for sale/distribution as per the package opted by the client.

3. The client agrees to take full responsibility for the originality, authenticity and correctness of the information contained in the material in his manuscript and declares that it does not contain any material which is plagiarized or is under copyright, trademark, patent right or in any way disputed or reserved by any other party and in case any such material is included or is disputed, necessary legal permission/ authority shall be arranged and held by the client. HWP will in no way be responsible for any violation of the above cited conditions or for any direct or indirect consequence thereof. All damages, liabilities, costs including legal service charges and litigation costs, and all law suits, or claims etc. shall be solely be the responsibility of the client and will be dealt and borne by him only.

4. The manuscript must not contain any material that is objectionable, inflammatory, defamatory, and harmful in any sense, obscene, lewd, pornographic, indecent, and unlawful or which infringes upon the privacy of any person or any other entity.

5.The author is solely responsible for any view(s) expressed in the book. And also about the authenticity of all the facts and figures.

6. The information exchanges between HWP and the client will be treated as confidential and will never be divulged to anyone in any possible way, either directly or indirectly except when mutually agreed or if required by the law.

7. HWP reserves the right to refuse to publish in part or full the material contained in the manuscript without disclosing the reason to any party including the client.

8. The copyright of the material will rest with the author and not with the HWP. In case the manuscript is not accepted by the HWP, it will be immediately deleted from the records.

9. The author agrees that HWP is allowed to make minor modifications in the content as is suitable as per mutual consent.

10.There is no restriction on the minimum number of copies.

11. Payment terms: The client will pay to HWP charges as mutually agreed for the services requisitioned by him, through a mutually agreed mode. Please note that the work will be started on the MS only after the payment is received.

12. Books will not be sent outside India under any circumstances.

13. The author declares that he is in his full senses and is legally capable for entering into this contract with HWP.

The HWP will undertake publishing assignment of a client if and only if he/she agrees to the above cited conditions and the submission of the manuscript will be treated as his/her acceptance to abide by the above cited conditions without any exception.



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